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Number and Letter Graze Charcuterie Gift Box

Number and Letter Graze Charcuterie Gift Box

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Number and Letter Graze Charcuterie Boxes Gift Hosting Shower Party Dessert Display Appetizer Display White Gift Birthday Anniversary Shower

Step aside cakes, you've met your newest competition! Graze letter and number boxes are the NEW way to celebrate any special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, surprise gathering, house warming or a milestone celebration the graze numbers and letters are an easy way to make it unique to YOU and your event.

Whether it's a 5th birthday, 50th birthday or 30th wedding anniversary, these Number and Letter Graze Boxes are guaranteed to make it a special occasion and are the perfect gift for a loved one or a fabulous charcuterie display for a special event!

Buy multiples to spell out a letter or name, or use numbers for someone specials birthday! Any number and letter combination is possible!

10 inch or 12 inch

PLEASE NOTE: Before putting on the lid, please be aware the shorter side and longer side. Otherwise, the lid will not fit.
Each number/digit or letter is an individual box. If you want a 2-digit number, you will be charged for 2 boxes.

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